Operating Theatre

All staff involved with your pet ‘behind-the-scenes’ change into special clothes including ‘scrub suits’ and clogs. This reduces external contamination from normal clothes and shoes into an area that we keep as clean as possible. All this is done for the welfare of your pet.

The operating theatre is one place where sterility is essential. Operating veterinary surgeons wear surgical gowns, hats and face masks in order to further reduce contamination into a surgical wound. A ventilation system ensures only clean, filtered air is pumped into the operating theatre. We are proud to say that our protocols for sterility are so good that the use of routine post-operative antibiotics is not necessary.

During the anaesthetic a dedicated nurse monitors your pet at every stage. Machines constantly measure blood oxygen, blood pressure, pulse rate and expired respiratory carbon dioxide and all help the nurse maintain your pet under the best level of anaesthesia. Your pet’s safety is paramount.