Hospital Tour

Welcome to the Hale Veterinary Group tour around our Chippenham Veterinary Hospital. We are proud to have achieved the highest standards and following our inspection by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons(RCVS) be awarded the status of small animal veterinary hospital. We are also members of the British Veterinary Hospital Association

Independent inspection

All BVHA members have voluntarily agreed to have intensive examinations and inspections by independent inspectors appointed by the RCVS, our governing body. The inspection covers a whole range of issues relating to the care of patients – for example the continuing education of staff, the provision of anaesthetic monitoring and laboratory equipment, the quality of radiographic (X-ray) facilities and the quality of the case records. It also covers the physical aspects of the buildings – for example the provision of isolation facilities to prevent the spread of disease from infectious patients.

One of the most important aspects of a veterinary hospital is that it has members of staff on the premises 24 hours a day. These members of the veterinary team are specifically responsible for the care of any in-patients.

If your pet has to be admitted for veterinary treatment – we are sure that most caring owners would like to know that there is someone there to look after them. The ability to provide 24 hour nursing care is a major cost for veterinary hospitals, their prices may have to reflect this. However it is one of the strongest reasons to choose a BVHA member veterinary hospital to look after your animals, not just for emergencies, but for routine care and vaccinations as well.