Foot Balance

The old saying “no hoof, no horse” is as true today as it ever was. Correct foot balance is a very important factor in keeping your horse sound but many horses have less than ideal foot conformation which, over the long term, can lead to a multitude of problems. Sometimes the external appearance of the foot hides an imbalance that can lead to lameness and even if visible externally, a radiograph can show us exactly the nature and degree of the problem. This idea has been warmly welcomed by several farriers and it will enable them to use the radiographs and information provided by us to work towards a better foot conformation.

Our foot-balance radiography service includes two radiographs of both forefeet (usually), of a clinically sound horse, and a written report, with the images included. This can be printed or in digital format, to be shown to your farrier and discussed with him to enable him to undertake the necessary work. The fee for the service is £130 all-in, a considerable saving on our standard radiography charges and only about the same as two sets of shoes. Think of the cost as an investment that could save you the expense and heartache of a lame horse in the future.