Diagnostic Services


Our new ultrasound machine is top of the range and gives hospital quality detailed images of your horses soft tissues, such as damaged tendons and ligaments, as well as allowing non invasive imaging of the heart, chest and abdomen, should the need arise. It is also portable, so we can come to you if transport is a problem.


Our flexible endoscopes have a wide variety of uses, allowing close inspection of your horse’s airways, guttural pouches and even bladder (in mares) and uterus, to give valuable diagnostic information where needed.  It enables us to obtain useful samples of airway secretions to help us diagnose lung and airway problems.


Our radiography suite allows us to image any of your horse’s bones, whether it’s to investigate lameness, or look for dental disease! We have a modern digital x-ray system, which not only allows instant imaging of your horse should the need arise, but also provides high quality images for diagnosing any potential problems.

It is also easily portable, so should your horse ever be lame enough that it can’t come to us or if you are unable to get transport, we can come to you to obtain the necessary images. We generally prefer to carry out radiography at our facility at Lackham, however, due to the health and safety aspects of radiography.  We will need a mains power supply as the x-ray generator draws too much of a power surge for generators to manage.


Our in-house laboratory means a quick and accurate result from blood samples, should your horse become unwell, or just for routine monitoring as part of an annual check up. It also allows us to diagnose a variety of conditions including ringworm, faecal worm egg counts and urinary tract infections.