Equiplus Health Scheme

Our Equiplus Health Scheme is a simple way of spreading the cost of routine care over the year.

We have recently revamped it to make a simpler service for basic cover with add-ons for the athlete or geriatric horse.

The basic scheme includes annual vaccination, routine dental rasping (if sedation is required, this is extra), three worm egg counts and a tube of Equest Pramox in December.  The Geriatric scheme also has a basic lameness examination and a blood sample for Cushing’s.  The Athlete scheme includes a more extensive lameness examination, including the back, and a blood profile.

If you pay a lump sum annual fee, it represents 12% off the standard prices.  If you pay monthly, it is 10% off.  You will also receive a 5% discount on professional fees outside the scheme.  This is in addition to other offers and discounts that we may offer from time to time.

  • Give the practice a call on 01249 653561 for details and the current prices.